Reputation management for individuals is usually necessary after an unfortunate event. These events, such as being arrested, being sued, or even being harassed by a former business partner can start from a variety of different scenarios.

Sunrise Reputation has worked with all of the above and many more individuals. Some of our past clients have included (details changed for privacy):

  • High school biology teacher who was arrested at a DUI checkpoint and had her mugshots and arrest record published online.
  • Television actor who was sued by a former business partner after taking a role on TV show.
  • Self-help author who had an ex-girlfriend post defamatory information about him online.
  • Small business owner in a small industry who had a competitor post information about his business cheating, stealing and scamming clients.
  • Mining company owner who years was under investigation 5 years ago that caused trouble when looking for new investors.

From the simple to the complex, large and small, Sunrise Reputation can help with all of your online reputation management needs!

What’s the best thing about Sunrise? You can work directly with the owner, one phone call and you’ll have all the information you need to make a decision. Want to get started today? Not a problem!