Online reputation management for businesses is often a very simple process. We will create positive content about your business and move it up in the search engines so your potential clients see that instead of seeing the bad information.

If you already have content created, we can often push that up instead of creating new content. Many businesses like to use their Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile on the first page.

If you have questions about the type of content that we create, we would love to send it to your for approval and/or editing. If you have content writers or marketing people in your company, we can work directly with them to craft positive content that will not only bury the negative content, but also help display a message that is positive and can bring you additional customers.

For example, we’ve worked with the following business reputation management clients. A few small details were changed to protect privacy:

  • Online jewelry store with negative reviews from clients. We cleaned up their reputation and online image giving them a fresh start.
  • Financial company in Australia who was involved in a lawsuit which dominated the news cycle for 3 months. We replaced all of the negative lawsuit news with positive content.
  • Small business owner in New York who had libelous statements about him personally and his business posted online at Yelp, TripAdvisor, forums, and blogs. We removed some of them and ensured his reputation online looked good.

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We are a California company and when you call, you’ll talk with Brandon (559-871-1613 direct number), not a call center.