How to Outrank’s Negative Reviews

Yelp Negative Reviews Reputation Management Removal can be a lot of trouble for businesses. Starting in early 2014 Yelp received a boost from Google. I’m not sure if it was as a result of an algorithm change or a strategic partnership, but something definitely happened. Yelp got a lot stronger overnight resulting in negative reviews showing up on the first page, many times in the #2 or #3 position for many businesses.

What’s the problem with Yelp Filtered Reviews?

The problem this poses is Yelp’s “Filtered Reviews” section. Yelp has the unilateral ability to choose which reviews pass muster and which reviews should not be shown. The result is that many 4 and 5 star reviews are “filtered” and never to be seen by human eyes (unless you know which small link to click).

Are “They” Out to Get Us?

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I’ve seen more than one company get an almost instantly better star score after they begin advertising with Yelp. Now this is not only misleading, but it might even be illegal, if true. It’s almost impossible to prove on a large scale, but I have my doubts as to how legitimate the Yelp filtering process is.

How to Remove Negative Reviews

For people looking to remove negative posts, there are a few companies that could potentially help. There are a few companies that claim to be able to get negative reviews filtered and be able to pull positive reviews out of the filter. This process would basically swap a negative for a positive. I have worked with a couple of clients who have gone down this road and can say without a doubt it has not worked for any of them. In total I’ve watched 4 different clients try this process. The process lasts 3-6 months and each of those cases were complete failures. Not a single negative was filtered and not a single filtered review was pulled out.

The Real Way To Stop Yelp From Hurting Your Business

The only effective way to stop Yelp from hurting your business is to make Yelp’s reviews irrelevant and then work to clean them up. We have a two pronged approach that can solve both of those.

1. We suppress so when someone searches for your business name, they only see positive sites, not Yelp.

2. We set up a review site so that your happy customers can leave a review. If a client wants to leave an unhappy review, that review is sent directly to you so you can work with that customer to resolve their problem.

Contact Brandon Hopkins at 559-871-1613 for more information on how we can help you stop Yelp from hurting your business.

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