Sunrise Reputation’s Strategy is to Win!

Tested Strategies

Our strategy at is simple, do what it takes to move your negative listings off the first page. We use a variety of methods including the following.

  • Privately owned blog network
  • High powered “Reputation Management” domains
  • Company listing sites
  • Personal listing sites
  • Web 2.0 sites (like Facebook and Twitter)
  • Forums
  • And many more!

We strive to build the first few pages in a method where you can control and change any of the content whenever you’d like!

What do we need from you? Nothing!

We don’t need anything except your name or business name that shows the negative listing. Depending on how involved in our process you would like to be, here are a few things that will often help.

  • Content – Articles written by you, or about you. The must not appear anywhere online and you must have permission to use them.
  • Pictures – If you would like us to use some pictures, please send them. Pictures are not required, but lend credibility to our work.
  • News – Any type of news about you or your company. This can be anything from moving into a new office space, renting a new house, getting a new job, hiring a new executive, etc. We’ll take this news and turn it into a press release.
  • Info – Please give us info about yourself of your company. How long have you been in business, how many employees, etc. For an individual, tell us about your hobbies, family, job, etc.